Image Homes Idaho

Today's home prices have never been more attractive, and you're thinking about jumping into the home market. But you have a question: Do I buy a used home or a new IMAGE HOME? IMAGE HOMES has 10 important reasons why buying a new home is a better value than purchasing a used home.


01.  PURCHASING POWER - When you compare the competitive pricing for a new IMAGE HOME and prices of existing used houses of similar size, you'll see your home buying dollar has greater power when buying a new home. IMAGE HOMES wants your business and we offer excellent incentives and included upgrades to increase your home purchasing power. A home owner selling a used home can't provide these incentives to the extent IMAGE HOMES can.

02.  BETTER HOME VALUE - Did you know that a new home generally appraises at a higher value than an existing used home? The typical home needs remodeling after 15 to 20 years. So, if you purchase a used home, you're likely to have to remodel sooner to maintain and increase the homes value. If you buy a new IMAGE HOME, you won't need to remodel, and the home retains and even increases in value faster.

03.  BETTER HOME LOCATION - Buying a new IMAGE HOME gives you great location choices. Not only can you choose among several communities you want to live in, but also your home site. You might want to select a home site near a community park or on a cul-de-sac, or maybe one that's wide enough to accommodate an RV garage. You might also want a home site that permits the sun to shine in certain areas of your new home. When you purchase an existing used home, these choices are not often available.

04.  YOUR HOME, NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S - With a new IMAGE HOME, you can be sure that no one else has ever cooked in your kitchen, and no one else has ever bathed in your tub. And being your home's first and only occupant means you won't be inheriting a previous owner's problems. In fact, when you buy a new IMAGE HOME, you're virtually assured of low maintenance living for several years.

05.  STRESS-FREE BUILDING PROCESS - When you buy a used home, you're dealing with the seller, the seller's realtor, your realtor and many potential surprises, road blocks or unexpected repairs. Because you're buying a new IMAGE HOME, we have a vested interest in making sure you get the best home your money can buy and are satisfied with all your design choices. We make sure that your home is built in a timely manner with quality workmanship a top priority.

06.  PEACE OF MIND - Buying a used home can be a gamble. Home sellers don't offer warranties. That means you may have to pay for structural, plumbing or electrical repairs that surface later on. When you purchase a new IMAGE HOME, you have the peace of mind that IMAGE HOMES stands behind our quality and craftsmanship with a great warranty program and extended home warranty.

07.  BETTER HOME DESIGN - Ever try to live a 21st Century lifestyle in a 1970s or 1980s style home? Choosing to buy a new IMAGE HOME over an existing used residence means you will enjoy a wide selection of modern floor plans designed specifically for the modern lifestyle needs of today's homebuyers and their families. And with IMAGE HOMES many design options, you can modify your home to meet your exact needs. We can turn an unneeded bedroom or dining room into a home office, media room, or hobby center.

08.  SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY - IMAGE HOMES are designed and constructed in compliance with the most modern energy codes and efficiency standards. Used homes are not. This means you save energy when you heat or cool your new IMAGE HOME. From energy-efficient windows, thicker wall cavities and insulation to the latest technology in appliances, you'll save hundreds of dollars each month when you buy a new IMAGE HOME.

09.  BETTER DESIGN CHOICES - When you buy an existing used home, you're stuck with the design preferences of the previous owner. To make the house your home, you have to spend more money to remodel. But IMAGE HOMES has an outstanding selection of new home plans with an array of material and color choices. So instead of remodeling, you get the new home you always wanted when you buy an IMAGE HOME.

10.  MODERN APPLIANCES - Every new IMAGE HOME features modern appliances. And because we're able to deliver them to your new home at a cost below what you would pay at your local retail appliance center, it means you're getting state-of-the-art appliances at a reduced cost.

In addition to these 10 outstanding reasons to buy a new IMAGE HOME, we offer an outstanding array of home designs and design options.