Image Homes Idaho

What sets an IMAGE HOME apart from other builders?

Image Homes Difference
Great Design

IMAGE HOMES works with only the most highly experienced architects and designers. Great design means a more enjoyable living experience. Unique designs that are affordable yet distinct combined with unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction is what IMAGE HOMES strives for.

Great Locations
The communities IMAGE HOMES builds in provide a better place for you and your family to grow in and maintain the value of your home. Design guidelines ensure that the homes built reflect the style of the area and the architectural traditions. IMAGE HOMES is proud to be a leader in the custom home community.

Great Value
Well designed and better built homes will give you the most value for your housing dollar. Let IMAGE HOMES help you find the perfect location and design the perfect custom home to ensure that your homes value stands high above the rest.

Why choose IMAGE HOMES?

There are many highly qualified home builders in the Treasure Valley and we consider ourselves to be right up there with the best of them. We know our homebuyers can choose from a long list of qualified homebuilders, that's why we work relentlessly at giving you significant reasons to trust us with building your new home. There are three great reasons that make IMAGE HOME’S superior; our Craftsmanship, our Service and our Philosophy. Everyone wants to compare craftsmanship and service, but at IMAGE HOMES those words have distinct meanings. Equally as important as quality and service is our philosophy for homebuilding. Straightforward and simple, it sets us apart from others. Additionally, we build on average in 90 days or less, assuring you'll be in your quality new home fast.

"Is it good enough for your home?"
Eric Lee considers himself fortunate to have a very talented group of subcontractors working with him. People just like Eric with a high standard for acceptability and a very low tolerance for excuses. To build an IMAGE HOME requires a degree of subjectivity not required in the black and white realm of “quality.” If there is a judgment call to be made, Eric relies on the discernment that earned him the reputation of never settling for second best. He will pose the question to any one of his team of subcontractors, "Would this be good enough for your own home?"

The word "quality" seems to have become the word of choice and the darling of commerce. Every consumer wants it; every manufacturer says they have it. The good news is; growing competition in the marketplace and smarter consumers have worked to raise the bar of acceptability in the industry.

When we discuss quality at IMAGE HOMES, it's more than delivering the expected. Our definition of quality goes beyond using exemplary materials and building practices. We like to demonstrate our commitment to quality by inviting our homebuyers to visit your new home through all phases of construction. It's our way of keeping our Buyers informed and communication open, and keeping the word “quality” meaningful.

With IMAGE HOMES, design begins with studying how today's families use their homes. We keep ahead of industry improvements that reduce the constraints on our floor plans; therefore, we actively seek the input of past and present homeowners. Additionaly, we constantly work on improving the look of our exteriors for better curb appeal. 

No two families have identical lifestyle or housing needs. You wouldn't think of buying a pair of shoes that didn't fit. Shouldn't your home meet your special needs for entertaining, hobbies and family life? It can be a perfect fit. All too often people spend much more for remodeling and renovation only to discover that they should have built a brand new home. Building a new home can save you time, money and aggravation.

Our homebuyers enjoy the privilege of customizing their home to satisfy their individual needs. “You Deserve To Have It Your Way”, is how we feel. Please feel free to discuss your ideas for changes from our extensive list of options.

“Customer Service”
IMAGE HOMES and our Homebuyers have the same goal; That their home isn't finished until the customer is enthusiastically satisfied. And whether it's Eric Lee himself or one of his subcontractors, everyone at IMAGE HOMES knows that the way our homeowners get what they want is through communication and conscientious response.

“Energy Savings”
We build our homes with careful attention to energy conservation not found in older homes. That makes good sense for our environment and can save you as much as 30% in heating and cooling costs. The monthly savings are yours for a lifetime.

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