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BECKY HANSEN INTERIORS is a full service Home Staging and Interior Design Firm dedicated exclusively to the custom interior design of fine custom homes, renovations, home sale staging prep and light commercial. Passion, experience and commitment are trademarks working with her clients. As a small design studio located in Meridian, Idaho, BECKY HANSEN INTERIORS offers a unique "one on one" design approach to each and every project. By limiting the number of projects, she is able to focus on your project 100 percent. Becky is proud of her customer satisfaction and would be happy to provide you with her client reference list and numbers.

As an experienced Designer, it's critically important to design the best possible residence for each client's needs or life-style. Understanding that all clients have a budget, Becky knows when and where to shop for the best deals to save you money. In addition, Becky creates interest in your spaces with details that make your home unique.

Becky enjoys working in both contemporary and traditional design. All of her projects start with a careful home analysis to determine the high impact rooms and accessorizing required, supporting her belief that entering each room should bring a "wow factor" response from all who enter each room.

Becky's clients include some of the Treasure Valley's most respected builders including IMAGE HOMES and KOUBA CONSTRUCTION. " I listen to your dreams and desires for your new home or project and turn them into reality." Unrelenting attention to detail is a way of doing business that has never failed Becky or her clients.  


"Call me today for a no-obligation Design Consultation or feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from you."




About the Designer

Becky and Tom Hansen moved to Boise in 2009 by way of Fargo, North Dakota. Having spent most of her life growing up in Spokane and Northern Idaho, it was a coming home move to the Northwest in some ways.“ Although we loved our years spent in Fargo, we were excited about the adventure of moving to a new city and Tom’s new job promotion. Plus I was within driving distance going back to visit my parents in Spokane.”

When they finally decided to build a new home, Becky went to work right away on the styles she would love but also a style that would make Tom feel comfortable at home. “The outside style was easy. We both love Mediterranean Spanish Style homes with the beautiful stucco exterior and arches. The inside was a bit more challenging since I love so many styles from Old World to Modern and Pottery Barn to Traditional.”

"My style varies; it’s clearly all over the place. I love to decorate in so many different styles but living in one home it’s difficult to have them all. But I do love to blend styles together such as my White French Country Kitchen that I have dreamed of having for years, standing tall next to Tom’s Sun Valley Lodge Style Great Room. In the planning stages of our home, I was worried if the two styles would work against each other. In the end, they look like a match made in heaven. Clearly the beautiful dark wood box beams in both rooms as well as the wood floor tie everything together seamlessly”. Ceiling, wall colors and trim colors as well as staging colors bring both rooms together as one as it was meant to be. Hansen says, "I still have to pinch myself occasionally to make sure this isn’t a dream and I'm not living in someone else's home.”

Taking a stroll through her Master Bedroom suite brings yet another style out that seems to work wonderfully with the rest of the home. “Tom and I wanted a more modern, spa like feel to the Master Bath and Bedroom. We have stayed in some beautiful luxury hotel rooms over the years and were looking to capture that luxuriously modern feeling with soothing colors. I like to think we succeeded, we love it!.”

"When I go into a home for the first time, I work on pure instinct and the home will usually speak to me," says Hansen. "I'll get to know the home and it will let me know if it wants to be masculine or feminine. If it's contemporary, it may say, I know I'm modern, but I'd like a little warmth too. The same way you get to know a person, you get to know a home and it's usually eager to reveal its true personality."