Image Homes Idaho

An Image Home is a custom designed home. Our goal is to work closely with those who are interested in quality, uniqueness, and an opportunity to live in a luxuriously designed home. Our reputation has grown on our ability to design and build a home that mirrors your lifestyle, without compromise. Below is a brief description of our Design/Build process.

1. Consultation Meeting:
At our initial Consultation Meeting, we discuss your new home design ideas, wish list and budget parameters. Once you are comfortable with the feasibility of building your new home, we can move on to finding your building lot.

2. Choose Your Lot:
We can build on the lot you already own using our "Build On Your Lot Program" or we can assist you in finding that perfect location. We deal with most local developers and can assist you in finding the best lot available.

3. Choose Your Dream Home Plan:
Eric Lee will spend time with you, at a convenient place, learning about your current and future home needs. He will learn about your space requirements, privacy needs, lifestyle and hobbies and if applicable, the children’s or grandchildren’s needs.

Inventory Plans - Our inventory plans are the most affordable and quickest option to building your new home. With Image Homes Build On Your Lot Program, you can select one of more than 30 floor plans and customize it to your family's lifestyle. Choose from an incredible array of one or two story designs. All of our Image Homes designs can be modified to meet the needs of the clients.

Custom Plans - Custom plans provide the most flexibility in home design. Customizing your plans begins by meeting with our designer who will take your thoughts and ideas and transform them into a working drawing for your review.

4. We Design Your Home
After discussing your needs and budget, you will be presented with a Professional Services Agreement that ranges in cost for design creation, drawings, and a detailed floor plan and specification document. After completing these documents, along with your deposit, your dream home will begin to take shape, based on your input. This process may take several meetings but it’s extremely exciting to see the final results!

IMAGE HOMES operates from a solid contract price agreement and plan, unless you authorize changes at a later date. At the end of this process, and once the Professional Services Agreement is fulfilled, the contract is formalized and you make the final decision whether or not to proceed with the plan.

5. Select Your Finishes:
Once plans have been approved, you will begin the process of selecting your colors and materials. This is the perfect time to meet with your builder and designers who will assist you in the material selection process to personalize your custom home. Our immediate goal is to have all finish material selected by the end of the first week of construction.

6. The Building Process: Construction Begins:
While your home is under construction and brought to life, IMAGE HOMES will have several planned site visits with you to insure accuracy and to make any adjustments as necessary. Additional meetings can be scheduled if there is a need or if the client would just like to be more involved or we provide status updates via email, telephone, video and photographs.

7. Completion and Move in: You Enjoy Your Cottage Home The completion of a home is more than just signing off that everything was completed. IMAGE HOMES will provide a personalized introduction to the home. At the end of the building process and before your home occupancy, you'll spend time with Eric in the Home-Orientation Walk-through, as he reviews each area of the home with you. When the big day arrives, IMAGE HOMES will provide as much move-in assistance as you require. Enjoy!